All-In-One Recovery Kit II – Nasal Spray, Mouth Spray, GO BALM, HOLESOOTHE

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This pack is all about the intensified healing approach ready to travel

Let the ‘bons temps roullez’, sort out the soreheads and other aches and pains Next Day. Make sure you have this pack as part of your recovery process. This pack is similar to the first except everything is a travel friendly size of less than 100ml, and more importantly is focussed on serious healing and recovery, ready for the next session.

  • RECOVER Confidence Nasal spray to refreshingly open up your nasal passages that may have become inflamed or blocked.
  • CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH mouth spray to deal with any urgent odours you might want to get rid of as quickly as possible whilst on the move.
  • CLEAN Confidence GO BALM to flush out any gunk that needs moving whilst bringing on some serious soothing to your internal area over a 4-day period.
  • CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE to get the healing going right away

RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray – 1 Bottle – 70ml

RECOVER Confidence NASAL SPRAY Nasal with Sea Salt & Eucalyptus is the ideal product for all your Nasal Cavity Hygiene and well-being support needs.

RECOVER Confidence Nasal Spray is a herbal based remedy formulated to quickly clear and refreshen the nasal cavity, to help remove nasal secretions in the case of difficulty in nasal breathing. It also helps with daily nasal hygiene and health. It can be a supplementary agent in the treatment of nasal cavity infections.

CLEAN Confidence Mouth Spray – 4 Bottles – 15ml

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray Antibacterial Odour Neutralising Support with Eucalyptus Flavour is the perfect product to have at hand anytime you want to make the right impression of good oral personal hygiene. It consists of a set of four 15ml bottles.

CLEAN Confidence FRESH BREATH Mouth Spray is formulated to quickly freshen breath whilst promoting oral hygiene with potent antibacterial action that supports the elimination of odour causing bacteria in the oral cavity.

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM – 1 Pack – 4 Micro Enemas

CLEAN Confidence GO BALM promotes overall intestinal health. Due to our brand focus on wholistic well-being, this product with its organic homeopathic formula provides great relief for common intestinal problems such as Bowel Irregularity, Constipation and Bloating where issues such as inflammation of the lower bowel is also a factor.

CLEAN Confidence HOLESOOTHE – 1 Pot – 50ml Ointment

This product is specifically formulated with homeopathic and herbal ingredients to aid in relief of anal inflammation that may result from Anal Sexual Intercourse and support the healing process. For any questions or concerns, before using this product please contact us directly via the details provided or refer to our website for content that familiarises you with our reasoning and objectives behind this range.

This is a Herbal Based Remedy. It Is Not Medicine. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.