ConfidentU is a brand of Holistic Sexual Well-being. We are committed in ensuring that our products are infused with homeopathic and organic ingredients  that help our customers express and thrive in their sexuality. Furthermore, we believe that sexual well-being should be accessible to all and are fully committed to making our practical accessories affordable and inclusive.

We are looking for brand ambassadors to help us spread the word about us, what we do and our ideas around sex-positive life-style influences to all social and sexual demographics, Straight, LGBTQI and beyond. We are looking to engage with social media influencers whose life-ethos, visual aesthetic and spirit of inclusivity is enthusiastically aligned with our own.

As a brand committed to openness and fairness, we have based our programme compensation on current trends of Brand Engagement with Social Media Influencers.

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Getting Started & Compensation

Based on the date when the Brand Ambassador agreement is completed, fees for product placement and promotion in social media posts will be calculated in British Pounds (GDP) on a Pro-Rata Basis per 1000 followers of the Influencer’s social media account at the time of the agreement. ConfidentU will then send the Brand Ambassador a complimentary range of the products that are to be placed in the social media posts.

Content Guidelines

We believe influencers know their audiences best as to what creatives brings the most engagement, however as brand ambassadors of ConfidentU, we look to work with them to incorporate the following as much as possible: 1. A minimalist aesthetic where Black & White images are preferred. 2. Sexual Self-Awareness, Confidence, Sensuality and tasteful Nudity. 3. Sexual Inclusivity & Respectful representation of a broader spectrum of the varying demographics within the LGBTQI community and beyond. 4. Prominent visibility of the Promoted Product. 5. Text on the unique benefit the ambassador has found with the Product. 6. Specific mention of compensation associated with the post in text.

Getting Paid & Other Options

Payment of the agreed compensation fee will be paid 30 Days after the post has gone live. Should post engagement exceed 90% comparable to other posts by the influencer, continuation of the Brand Ambassador partnership could be expanded to 20% Commission on Sales driving in by personalised Discount codes as well as joining our Affiliate Programme with full details here.

If this Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Programme programme is of interest to you as an Influencer, then please email us and let’s get talking.